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1.    Main Structure

The vertical arm is made of rigid aluminum alloy and guided in heavy-duty linear rails, high speed, high performance, less vibration and durable. Vertical axis with telescopic stroke for low overall height, high speed and stability, applied to production halls with low ceiling height.

2. Gripper

Standby Gripper for compressed air and take out signal, with 2 outlets for vacuum suction and gripping, used for taking out all kinds of products.

3. Rotation device able to rotate 90 degree for easy remomal.

4. Pneumatic parts are: CKD solenoid valve, TPC cylinder, and LEGRIS speed controller, FESTO rodless cylinders.

5. Control System:

Simple control system for easy operation, English and Chinaese display are available,with 8 group of standard programs and 24 groups of additional instruction programs, able to connect to peripheral equipment such as: conveyor, transporter and other devices. Modules for easy replacing and maintenance, capable of resisting disturbance.

6. Automatic checking and displaying function faults, counter and timer are able to modified.

7. Inverter and servo motor driven are available.

8. With dynamic electric adiustment device, take out the plastic parts from the mold quickly and place carefully outside of machines.

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