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Zhuhai huasu participated in the 2017 Mexico international rubber and plastic exhibition
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Mexico international rubber and plastics exhibition zhuhai China plastic automation equipment pearl cotton deep processing machine, China plastic adhesive machine, EPE machine, EPE adhesive machine.
  墨西哥国际橡塑展 珠海华塑自动化 华塑EPE自动化设备 珍珠棉深加工机器 华塑粘合机 EPE分切机 EPE粘合机

On November 7, 2017, PLASTIMAGEN, the 21st international plastics and rubber industry exhibition in Mexico, opened at the Centro Banamex exhibition center in Mexico City. Zhuhai hua su automation machinery and equipment co., LTD. Is invited to participate in the exhibition, and shows the pearl cotton viscose series equipment designed for EPE deep processing industry.

  墨西哥国际橡塑展 珠海华塑自动化 华塑EPE自动化设备 珍珠棉深加工机器 华塑粘合机 EPE分切机 EPE粘合机

PLASTIMAGEN Mexico is a comprehensive exhibition and trade fair for plastics machinery, equipment and materials in Mexico, providing a rare exchange platform for the plastics industry in Mexico and throughout central and South America. The 21st plastic show Mexico November 7 to 10, 2017, the exhibition from Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Italy and other 25 countries more than 850 enterprises. 

  墨西哥国际橡塑展 珠海华塑自动化 华塑EPE自动化设备 珍珠棉深加工机器 华塑粘合机 EPE分切机 EPE粘合机

Pearl cotton processing status quo of China plastics insight at home and abroad, research and development created, EPE EPE, no glue automatic production equipments for high speed cutting and a series of pearl cotton, aimed at pearl cotton production enterprises continuously overcome their manufacturing bottleneck, EPE industrial upgrading.

墨西哥国际橡塑展 珠海华塑自动化 华塑EPE自动化设备 珍珠棉深加工机器 华塑粘合机 EPE分切机 EPE粘合机   墨西哥国际橡塑展 珠海华塑自动化 华塑EPE自动化设备 珍珠棉深加工机器 华塑粘合机 EPE分切机 EPE粘合机

In this exhibition, China plastic pearl cotton viscose cangeli has been a strong interest and attention of the exhibitors. According to the professional audience Devin, this kind of equipment or in their domestic market to be bestowed favor on newly, and they went to the exhibition, the purpose of seeking higher production costs and efficient automation equipment, to improve their competitiveness of EPE processing, later they will arrange time to China plastic factory in-depth investigation reached a cooperation.

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