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Mexican customer learning Chinese plastic gluing machine installation and debugging
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On November 8, 2017, Mexican customers went to hua su company to learn the installation and debugging of EPE double-station cementing machine.

This order is a 5070 glue-free automatic gluing machine, which can be widely used in the upper and lower layer of EPE pearl cotton profile to replace the traditional hot air gun and hot sol. China plastic gluing machine can help enterprises to better realize mass production, reduce labor cost and material cost, and mechanize production to make the products of pearl cotton bonded uniformly and with higher quality.

According to the customer, this new intelligent EPE batch processing equipment has little in the local market, and the investment of the China plastic adhesive machine will greatly enhance the core competitiveness of customers in the Mexican packaging market.

In addition, China plastic pearl cotton equipment have been sold to the United States, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Brazil and other countries and regions, marks zhuhai China plastic EPE equipment is a new journey in the international arena.

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