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EPE Single Station Automatic No Glue Laminating Machine

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EPE Single Station Automatic No Glue Laminating Machine 
Application: It’s mainly used in the laminating between upper and lower EPE, instead of traditional forming of both hot air gun and hot sol.

Operational Principle: The upper EPE is taken out by the principal axis, and ironing removed 1~3mm combined with the high-speed movement of the low temperature or high temperature heating plate, and then laminated together with the lower EPE quickly. This method replaces the tedious manual operation.

The Performance of the Machine:
1.Running smoothly, with multi axis servo control, imported high quality electrical components and controller, being stable and reliable performance.
2.Easy maintenance.
3.Advanced equipment, simple operation.
4.Good safety compliance.

Technical Parameter

Machine Size(mm):2.65*1.25*2.6
Gross Power(KW):17
Effective Machining  Size(mm):500*700
Power Consumption (KWH):7-8

Machine Size(mm):2.9*1.35*2.6
Gross Power(KW):18
Effective Machining  Size(mm):650*800
Power Consumption (KWH):8-10

Machine Size(mm):2.9*1.62*2.6
Gross Power(KW):30
Effective Machining  Size(mm):600*1100
Power Consumption (KWH):12-16

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